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400 thsd. pillows - in one weekend

In the late 1970s, luxury bedding products were sold exclusively through specialty stores. When Aldi - a 4000 stores German supermarket chain then known for food products only - started merchandising non-food products (in needing with the Novitesse and Dormia brands), the traditional trade was sceptical. With an unbeatable value-for-money proposition though, Aldi quickly outgrew the traditional sales channels. In the process, Richard Behr & Co. developed automated production capabilities, massive logistics capacities, and robust international supply chains. Richard Behr & Co. now can ship more than 400 thsd. pillows and/or comforters, in one weekend, to in this case 11 distribution centers throughout central Europe.

Aldi   Aldi


1. Mini-case-study - 400 thsd. pillows - in one weekend

2. Mini-case-study - 2000 stores serviced

3. Mini-case-study - 150 thousand direct shipments

4. Mini-case-study - 1000 hotels in more than 100 countries

5. Mini-case-study - International logistics concept for a Caribbean client

6. Mini-case-study - Brand, Product and Service Laboratory

7. Mini-case-study - Traceability prototype