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150 thousand direct shipments

Otto Versand is the largest European catalog company, a multi billion Euro business and owner of many brands and catalogs. Richard Behr & Co. stocks are integrated electronically with Otto systems - out of stock at Richard Behr implies you cannot order the product on any Otto website. With 150,000 shipments directly to private individual Otto clients (including all return handling), an up to 96% fulfillment quota means that more than 143,000 of these were fulfilled within 24 hours of order placement. Through Otto, Richard Behr & Co. offers mattresses, toppers, pillows, comforters, blankets all the way to luxury pet beds, with its brands of RIBECO, Hanse, and at times through the GMK and MyHome brands.

Otto  Otto


1. Mini-case-study - 400 thsd. pillows - in one weekend

2. Mini-case-study - 2000 stores serviced

3. Mini-case-study - 150 thousand direct shipments

4. Mini-case-study - 1000 hotels in more than 100 countries

5. Mini-case-study - International logistics concept for a Caribbean client

6. Mini-case-study - Brand, Product and Service Laboratory

7. Mini-case-study - Traceability prototype