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International logistics concept for a Caribbean client

The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort is a group of luxury hotels in the Bahamas. The Atlantis is exposed to two kinds of natural desasters: (1) hurricanes that potentially destroy their warehouse and a full set of linens, towels and replacement products, that are not in the laundry or in the rooms, and (2) 10-12 cruise ships with more than 2000 visitors each - who all take a beach towel as a souvenir. For both instances, we established a bonded warehouse facility in the Miami free trade zone and keep an agreed upon quantity of all products in stock. This allows them to replenish their depleted supplies within a few days, when needed. Without any natural desasters though, we ship directly to Nassau from our overseas facilities with a four week lead time. While this is sufficient to meet their regular needs, direct shipping eliminates the extra handling and warehousing into and out of the bonded Miami facility, and keeps cost at a minimum. 

Atlantis  Atlantis


1. Mini-case-study - 400 thsd. pillows - in one weekend

2. Mini-case-study - 2000 stores serviced

3. Mini-case-study - 150 thousand direct shipments

4. Mini-case-study - 1000 hotels in more than 100 countries

5. Mini-case-study - International logistics concept for a Caribbean client

6. Mini-case-study - Brand, Product and Service Laboratory

7. Mini-case-study - Traceability prototype