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Brand, Product and Service Laboratory

Richard Behr & Co. is involved in constant research, product- and supply chain development, with the most professional partners, around the world. Our - a European translation and retail lab, of the Leeza, New York NY/USA, showcase - created an enthusiastic public and press response. We have won a first client who will use the idea for a prototype shop-in-shop concept. The SleepLAB(r) initiative resulted in the development of the Neuroganic(r) mattress, and another research and development project with Otto Versand, Hamburg/Germany. Das Traumbett(r) of Lingo GmbH will go on sale shortly, where we are part of a completely new social media marketing and sales concept. Our latest project is a cooperation with aka:NEO, a Munich based Startup that has no less than re-invented the art of toweling. And we are founder and partner in the Ultimate Housekeeping Solutions LLC, a software company for the automation of hotel operations. 

die Traumgalerie  UHS


1. Mini-case-study - 400 thsd. pillows - in one weekend

2. Mini-case-study - 2000 stores serviced

3. Mini-case-study - 150 thousand direct shipments

4. Mini-case-study - 1000 hotels in more than 100 countries

5. Mini-case-study - International logistics concept for a Caribbean client

6. Mini-case-study - Brand, Product and Service Laboratory

7. Mini-case-study - Traceability prototype