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Sustainability Policy

We have always been a champion of environmental sustainability. We continue to invest into green and energy saving technologies, such as triple energy saving windows. Our products are relying exclusively on natural and sustainable raw materials. 100% natural cotton, 100% natural down and feather, and 100% recycled poly fibers.  A number of awards and certifications verify this important claim:

      • We received highest marks and won in the first ever "oekotest" on down comforters.
      • All our products are Oekotex certified and therefore tested through third party institutions. Oekotex certifies that there is no emission of harmful substances – in neither our fabrics, NOR in our filling materials
      • All natural fillings are Daunasan and Daunafresh certified, which guarantees environmentally friendly processes.
      • Our water recycling unit has helped us since the early 1990s to save and continues to keep our cost low.
      • The use of only biodegradable detergents has allowed us to dispose of the little waste water we have, efficiently
      • We are the first bedding manufacturer who has as part of the EUROPEAN green lighting initiative lit all its facilities including factories and warehouses with energy saving lighs (and often LEDs now)
      • Business Environmental Performance Initiative Membership
      • Best marks of any bedding manufacturer in the for sustainable hospitality vendors; and completion of the self-assessed STeP-audit for sustainable production
      • Partner in the pilot program of the first international hospitality vendors to complete a chemical footprint; resulted in the best position of any bedding vendor
      • MindClick Member
      • Solar power production for all heat and warm water in our China factory
      • Usage of a highly efficient heat-power generator in the German plant that uses excess heat in the winter months, and heat from the air compression units, to produce electricity we need to make our products
      • When we do not produce our own electricity as a by-product from heating our facilities, we purchase 100% from renewable sources
      • We are third-party audited, that no toxic water is released into the environment throughout our complete supply chain - which is especially sensitive for bleaching and dyeing processes for the fabrics of our products



      ElektrizitatsWerke Schönau- 100% REGENERATIVEN ENERGIEN

      Oeko-Tex- SXX 22732









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